TRAVEL BY SOUND CONCERT SERIES – Thank you to everyone who supported this important Fundraising Initiative.

Wanting to purchase the Travel by Sound Concert Series to benefit Raise the Roof, Meaford United Church?

Ticket packages may be purchased through or by contacting Meaford United Church at 519-538-3416 or

The Travel by Sound Series by Victoria Yeh is six virtual concerts and adventures for $60 to view at home on demand with unlimited replays until the end of 2021, with 92 per cent of the sales to go to the Meaford United Church’s Raise the Roof Campaign.


Are you looking for a way to cut down on your waste? Try these products to be more earth friendly and support Meaford United Church’s Raise the Roof Campaign at the same time! If you wish your purchase to continue to benefit our fundraiser, please don’t subscribe when you make your purchase. Visit TruEarth.

Thank you for supporting our Fundraising Initiative while at the same time making a difference to the environment.