Meaford United Church

The Congregation of Meaford United Church has been praising God in this building since May 25, 1908. Please join us on any Sunday at 10:30 for Worship.

Were you married in Meaford United Church? Did you attend Sunday School here? Were you or family members baptized here? Have you attended funerals here? This Meaford icon marked 110 years in 2018!


We are called to be people of God, guided and sustained by the Holy Spirit to serve Christ in and through the United Church of Canada by:

  1. Worship — celebrating the love of God in our worship and church family;
  2. Spiritual Growth — for all ages through prayer, education and fellowship;
  3. Support — caring for one another;
  4. Service — in our community and to our world.


In 1881 the Methodist Episcopal Congregation erected their church on what is now the corner of Sykes and Boucher Streets. Then in 1884, the Wesleyan Methodists, having had their church destroyed in the great and disastrous fire of 1883, united with the Episcopal congregation and became the Methodist Church.

In 1908 the Methodist built a larger church on the same site. The formal Union of the Methodist, Congregational and Presbyterian churches in 1925 as the United Church of Canada resulted in Meaford having two United Churches, “Erskine and Trinity”, but in May 1937 these two churches joined congregations and became Meaford United Church, holding services in the former “Trinity”, our present church. This year we celebrate 100 Years of Worship in this Building!

Our prayer is that you will find in this time, a place of welcome, comfort, and joyfulness.